Talent Retriever Pledge: Relentless Client Service

It is our mission to achieve a complete understanding of each client’s objectives and devise competitive and customized solutions to anticipate and respond to those needs. Our goal is to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients.


Talent Retriever promises you the highest quality recruiting and hiring services available, coupled with innovative strategies and a commitment to professional and ethical standards. You can expect complete objectivity and confidentiality and will always be assisted by polite, responsible and knowledgeable people.


Recognizing that each client is unique, we seek to acquire a high level of understanding of your individual goals. In response to these needs, when appropriate, we will assemble interdisciplinary teams with expertise in relevant areas to help you achieve your objectives in the most strategic, cost-effective and comprehensive manner possible. We are committed to understanding your hiring challenges, your company and your industry – delivering a result that fits your personal needs or business strategy.


All communication will be clear, concise and timely. We promise straightforward communication regarding fees and outcomes. We will work with you and communicate to avoid surprises.

Fair Fees

We work with you to provide cost containment strategies, to meet budgets and projections, and manage cost savings wherever possible. Through counseling and communication, we will efficiently manage resources and costs based on a solid strategy.


We need to know how we are doing in your eyes. We will continue to seek your views, listen to your needs and take action based on them. We will work with you to put a feedback process in place that meets your needs.

Resolution of Discord

We ensure that any professional, technical or service problem will be addressed promptly.