Some interesting stuff about David Barbato

Job title and what you do at Talent Retriever – Co-Founder – I try to create an environment that allows our team to thrive and feel empowered so they can deliver exceptional service to our clients, grow their career and enjoy life.

Favorite Sport? Baseball but always enjoy Football

Favorite workout? Distance running – 8+miles as well as push-ups

What is your favorite TV show? PAST: All in the Family PRESENT: Modern Family

What is your favorite movie? Pursuit of Happiness - however Romantic Comedies are my favorite genre overall, anything with Freddie Prince Jr tends to be good

What is your favorite food? Fenway Frank w/ a beer OR a Porterhouse Steak

Hobby? Skiing in the winter with my girls, running with the BRC on Sat mornings – such a great group of people

Cocktail of choice? “Captain and Coke

Favorite quote? “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What --- Next”

What music lyrics best describe you? Van Halen

What motives you to get up everyday for work? I like to start the day with a work out – get the blood flowing and energy level up. Overall I enjoy the people that work with us and really like seeing them each day – it is a blast working with my wife as well.

Favorite search term in Pandora Radio? 90’s Alternative Rock

What if your favorite satellite/XM radio station? Lithium, the 80’s and then BackSpin

3 top professional skills – Team Building, Public Speaking and working with the IRS

Name your biggest life accomplishment: Beside being a husband and dad I would say working with Housing Families, it is very rewarding and I like knowing the work is helping people reestablish a foundation to support their family and improve their lives.

One fun fact about yourself – I am a great parallel parker, I mean I am really good at it – no matter how small the space!