Talent Retriever’s CORE Values

Talent Retriever’s CORE Values are the center of our culture. Whether we are interacting with fellow team members, candidates or clients, we aim to impart our CORE Values and be the best we can be. Our CORE Values support Talent Retriever as a framework for our strategies, decisions and actions.


We are stronger when working together, sharing ideas and being part of a collective solution. Fostering an environment based on successful partnerships, we are all continuously enlightened.


We strive to provide every client and candidate with the highest level of service possible. Working with Talent Retriever should be remembered as a great experience. Our mantra? Deliver beyond expectations!


For each other. For our clients. For ourselves. Every interaction – whether internal or external – must be remembered as a positive experience. This is best achieved with open, honest and fair dialogue. Respectful relationship building is where it’s at for us!


Continuous cultivation of learning and advancement is key! We guide each other and our clients, as well as candidates to help in thoughtful and confident decision-making.