Control Your Costs,

Recruiting doesn't always follow a set, predictable path. You may have periods of intense hiring followed by little or no activity at all, in which case you hardly need a full-time staff. Or you night have to build a cross-functional team quickly in response to a new round of funding. Whatever the scenario, unplanned high costs are often the result, and that's something every company wants to avoid.

A Model Molded to Your Needs.

Our non-contingency model yields predictable costs and higher quality results - adapted to your unique recruiting challenges and timelines. Overall, we deliver an average cost per hire of 7.7


Ultimate flexibility with recruiting expertise you can call on only when you need it. We'll assemble a team and ramp up within 24 hours.


Scoped around critical hires with defined timelines – ranging from 6 weeks to 12 months. Set budgets so there are no surprises.


Partner with us for an extended term and realize even greater cost savings.

The Right Solution For Your Company:

Other Services We Offer:

  • Confidential search
  • Executive search
  • Bench building
  • College recruiting strategy and execution
  • Short term leave and maternity leave coverage
  • Compensation analysis and planning
  • Employee referral program development and enhancement
  • Recruitment Consulting
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