A Team Committed to a New Model of Recruiting.

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A Team Committed to a New Model of Recruiting.

At Talent Retriever, we set the bar high for ourselves and for the recruiting industry as a whole. We believe that the true test of a top-notch recruiting firm is its ability to attract and retain the best talent, both for its own team and for its clients. We have built a team of highly-trained problem solvers, creative thinkers, and talent acquisition consultants who are passionate about helping our clients. With a laser focus on hiring only the highest caliber candidates, we take pride in our 18+ year proven track record of success in delivering superior results for all our stakeholders.

We offer three flexible models to ensure that we can work with your company in a way that suits you best. Whether you need us to lead the search process, augment your in-house team, or provide strategic consulting, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your hiring goals.

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Our Core Services


Our non-contingency model yields predictable costs and higher-quality results (including longer employee retention) adapted to your unique recruiting challenges and timelines. Ultimate flexibility with recruiting expertise you can call on when you need it. We drop in a fully trained team and integrate into your organization as desired. We are ramped within 24 hours. Perfect for high volume staffing, team buildouts, pipeline expansion and urgent unexpected recruiting challenges. Through this program, we deliver an average cost per hire of 7.7%

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Do you want to fully manage a recruiter on your own? Available in a full-time or fractional capacity, you can hire Talent Retriever-trained recruiting professionals as contractors into your organization directly. TR Certified professionals receive continued training and access to our support team while working with our clients. They know how to ramp quickly and generate results. On Demand expertise in Tech, Sales/Go-to-Market, Finance and Operations and the option to convert to full time. This is an excellent way to fill a void during a recruiter’s leave of absence!

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You’ve hired the best people you know and now you can use some help rounding out your leadership team. This targeted search is focused on accelerating your business hiring through our value-driven price model. Whether challenged with identifying a Sales or Engineering Leader, getting the right Finance Head in place, or engaging the best person to lead your new product initiatives – we get it done!

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A Trusted Recruiting Partner

SINCE 2004.

We partner with exceptional companies to provide customized recruiting solutions that locate, acquire, and retain top talent rapidly and cost-effectively. From early-stage startups to public corporations, our seasoned team has the expertise to help you meet your hiring needs with innovative methods and exceptional results.

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