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Hiring Solutions For Growing Companies.

Small to medium size companies on the fast track need to scale and hire quickly - without sacrificing quality. Our team will work on your behalf to get the job done - on time and on budget.

Build high quality critical mass across the organization – cross-functional

Fast ramp to alleviate hiring pressures

On Demand flexibility to access subject matter experts and keep costs under control

Augment existing limited resources

  • Took over recruitment across the organization shortly after the company received B Round funding and their Head of HR departed.
  • We fully ramped in 2 days.
  • In first 75 days successfully hired for key roles including Senior VP of Sales, Director of Demand Generation, VP of People and Sales Director. All of these hires were highly targeted passive candidates. Also hired for Market Development Reps, Tech Support Specialists and Inside Sales.
  • Consulting with executive leadership team to determine hiring process best practices including improvements and streamlining to drive organizational growth.
  • Cost of Acquisition: 11%
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  • Drove over 20 hires as the sole recruiting resources for 7 months. Each role was it’s own unique search.
  • After being bought by private equity firm - Empirix experienced rapid growth as well as widespread attrition.
  • They then needed backfill/revamp/and continue to grow. TR took over the entire recruiting and hiring process.
  • Hired for Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Project Managers. Product Managers and Finance & Legal. 80% of hires were passive candidates.
  • Locations included New York, Mexico, Amsterdam, England and Spain.
  • Hired an internal recruiter for Empirix as we ramped down.
  • Cost of Acquisition: 9%
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  • Leader in Data Intelligence/Business Intelligence
  • Drove 7 hires in 90 days.
  • Hired For: Solutions Architects, Implementation Specialists, Onboarding Engineer, Support Engineer.
  • Locations included New York and EMEA.
  • Extremely targeted searches to find skill sets matching the ideal candidate profile. Had to work within an extensive “Do Not Recruit” list.
  • Cost of Acquisition: 11.2%