We let our clients speak for themselves!


Jim-KelliherJim Kelliher
CFO, LogMeIn
“LogMeIn used Talent Retriever almost exclusively to manage our recruiting process at a period when we were increasing our staff by 20% per year- adding 40-50 new employees annually. Their recruiting efforts ranged from our Boston headquarters office, to our sales offices in London and Dublin and as far away as Sydney, Australia. They managed the entire recruiting process once the headcount requisition was approved — from job description development, management of our careers web page, to handling inbound inquires and employee referrals. They also did a significant amount of direct targeting and sourcing to bring highly desirable candidates into the process. They made out bound calls, conducted initial screenings, ran the candidate management process, scheduled interviews and helped our hiring managers through the offer process. Talent Retriever was invaluable to us in that period and critical for us to continue effective hiring.

Talent Retriever provided us tremendous scale at a very affordable cost per hire when we needed a lot of “feet on the street” recruiting for us. We did not have the bandwidth or scale to handle this within our internal HR department. Talent Retriever’s model combined with their knowledge of the marketplace and ability to come in and understand our organization and processes allowed us to meet the hiring demands of our operating units quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. I think the Talent Retriever model is perfect for companies in high growth or restart mode and am very supportive of their model and services.”



Mark-MinichielloMark Minichiello
Sr. Director of Technical Recruitment, Nuance Communications
“I have looked to Talent Retriever to partner with to solve several different recruiting challenges since 2007. Utilizing their customizable and flexible approach to each situation enabled me to implement a unique service offering that complimented my existing recruiting infrastructure. This seamless approach improved productivity and ultimately played an important role in meeting the hiring needs of my clients. They do a great job of satisfying all levels of management through their commitment to understanding the specific needs of an organization and building strong relationships with both management and candidates. Their creative solutions and outside the box thinking coupled with outstanding client service is a refreshing approach to recruitment and one that I continue to take advantage of whenever I have a need.”


Tom O’Connell
Chief Sales Officer, Cloudant
“I have had nothing but a great experience working with Talent Retriever. The team assigned to Cloudant was knowledgeable, professional and efficient. The business model is unique and cost effective when compared to the traditional ‘headhunter’ fees of 20-30% of an employee’s total package. I will definitely be working with them again and would highly recommend them for any search.”



John-MicalizziJohn Micalizzi
Director, Human Resources, McGladrey
“For a period of two years, our consulting practice experienced significant growth. During this time we maintained a close partnership with Talent Retriever to help drive the sourcing and recruiting processes across a number of diverse practice areas within our consulting line of service. They were deeply plugged in on the ground with our practice leaders and others as an extension of our HR and recruiting team. There is no silver bullet to the challenges of recruiting high quality talent for unique positions. TR worked hard to identify candidates not only with the right skill sets, but also people that would fit our firm’s culture. We’ve also been able to make our recruiting processes and candidate experience more crisp and ensure the firm’s reputation and environment is properly reflected. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve been able save money – given a variable costing structure that can vary based on volume and needs at any given time during the year. This current fiscal year we have been able to avoid any third party contingency search firm fees which has brought our cost per hire down well below industry averages. Our relationship with Talent Retriever has been meaningful and impactful.”



Ted-HardingTed Harding
Human Resources Consultant
“Talent Retriever is a great recruiting partner. Their flexibility in taking on all or pieces of the recruiting process is very helpful in balancing internal and external resources. Their ability to turn on a search at a moment’s notice and quickly deliver qualified candidates is outstanding.”




Andrew-BurtonAndrew Burton
SVP Products, LogMeIn
“Talent Retriever provided a value point of view on talent acquisition and worked with us as a strong business partner in hiring members of our product team. Their strategic approach to recruiting was well received by both hiring managers and candidates. Talent Retriever takes the time to not only understand key roles and hiring criteria, but they also focus on understanding our culture, and the overall business goals of the organization. They were quite successful at targeting and generating interest of passive candidates, and worked with us in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment to find excellent talent.”



Augie-MacCurrachAugie MacCurrach
Partner, Customer Portfolios
“Outsourcing our recruitment process to Talent Retriever was a great decision. The process put in place was incredibly efficient once we got the engine going. They have a solid understanding of our business objectives and the talent we require to reach our goals. Hiring can be unpredictable at times, so Talent Retriever’s customizable model is perfect for us. They can quickly ramp up or down depending on current circumstances. By working with Talent Retriever, we are confident in our ability to hire and retain exceptional people as we need them.”



Eric-MableyEric Mabley
EVP, OwnerIQ
“Working as a trusted partner, Talent Retriever was extremely valuable in managing all aspects of strategic recruitment for “high demand talent” in the areas of business intelligence, software engineering, and development operations. This allowed hiring managers the ability to remain focused on the core business yet continue to grow their respective teams. Their highly effective multi-prong approach allowed OwnerIQ to be presented with very specific talent who we otherwise may not have been able to consider.”



Steve Coughlin
Human Resources Executive
“I see Talent Retriever as more my trusted advisor than anything else. They take a comprehensive look at the whole recruiting process and offer straight advice that will help me over the long term. Talent Retriever proved early on that they understood my needs. And I loved that they were willing to build a package around my needs.”



Mark-BornemannMark Bornemann
HR Executive
“I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Talent Retriever on critical searches in the last two organizations I’ve worked in. We were recently in need of assistance for a specialized clandestine search for candidates with a very particular skill set. I immediately looked to Talent Retriever. The caliber of the candidates they presented was outstanding. They have been and will remain my go-to for any difficult