A Customized Recruiting


Whether you are an early stage company, a fast growing startup, or an industry juggernaut, you have likely run into one of these problems when it comes to recruiting.

The Problem:

Low Visibility
Low Visibility
  • Candidates aren’t actively seeking your jobs.
  • Don’t have an existing relationship with your brand.
  • Unable to reach the type of talent you need.
Tight Market
Tight Market
  • Need candidates with a hard to find, specific skill set.
  • Limited only to active job seekers.
Limited Bandwidth
Limited Bandwidth
  • Hiring needs have exceeded internal bandwidth.
  • Needs are cyclical. Doesn’t make sense to grow internal team.
Not Good At It
Not Good At It
  • Weak recruitment process.
  • Inexperienced hiring managers.
  • First time experiencing high growth.

The Usual Options:

There is a time and a place for each of these options. But when recruiting needs are urgent – and you can’t afford to miss on key hires, each pose their own challenges that are hard to overcome.

Self Service
  • Time Consuming
  • Distracts from Core
    Business Responsibilities
  • Challenge for Direct
    Targeted Recruiting
  • High Cost
  • Low Quality
  • Self-Serving
  • No ROI
  • Lack of commitment
  • Limited flexibility
  • Cost for tools
  • Risk of them leaving with acquired info
Internal Team
Internal Team
  • Takes time to build
  • Hard to find
  • Inconsistency of hiring needs may not warrant internal growth

The Solution: Customized Recruiting Programs

We have refined our alternative recruiting model for over 15 years. It is designed to align with your growth needs and engineered to deliver superior results at a lower cost-per-hire.


Expert Team
Expert Team
  • Cross functional teams assembled based on your needs and objectives.
  • Full range of expertise in Tech, Sales & “Go-to-Market,” and Operations.
  • Well trained and highly experienced.
  • Act as an unbiased advocate.
  • All non-commission-based employees of TR.
A Proven Process
A Proven Process
  • Agile Recruitment Methodology.
  • Creative candidate engagement through a mix of channels.
  • Metrics driven - utilizing burndown charts and detailed outreach plans to ensure goals are met.
  • Highly targeted candidate outreach.
Strategic Approach
Strategic Approach
  • Deep dive assessment to build custom recruiting plans.
  • Quick ramp time with flexibility for changing needs.
  • Consulting and coaching to develop long term best practices.
An Alternative Recruiting Solution to the Usual Recruiting Options

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