Danielle Gotobed

Danielle joined the Talent Retriever team in 2011 after spending 7 years in a highly transactional recruiting role at an agency. The appeal of Talent Retriever was the consultative nature of our business model combined with the highly collaborative team environment. Working with high-growth companies as a true business and providing strategic guidance is what gets her excited. Danielle leads projects with our business partners, actively recruits for the “purple squirrel” and works strategically with our internal and external recruiting teams.

No one decides they are going to grow up and become a recruiter. This career transition came rather organically to Danielle as she was a social worker previously. Her passion for consulting with clients to find solutions to their challenges translated well into recruiting and professional services.

Danielle received her BA from Plymouth State University and remains an active member of the alumni network. Outside of work Danielle enjoys giving back through volunteering in her community, traveling with her family, and hiking with her dog.

Dream Job: Travel Writer

Favorite Quote: "The longest journey begins with a single step”