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Seamless integration of short term team to accommodate limited bandwidth of internal resources

Targeted search in high challenge areas

Singleplatform case study june 2018

“Having been partnered with Talent Retriever since March 2016, SinglePlatform has come to view Talent Retriever as being nothing short of true members of our organization. We presented them with a tremendous task of hiring up to 20 inside sales reps per month and they consistently crushed it. They reduced the amount of speed it took to make a hire by 50%, down to 10 days from start to finish. In total, they helped hire over 170 reps. With the volume in which we needed to hire for these positions, the cost of Talent Retriever’s model made it feasible. They also came in and with remarkable speed gained an understanding of our culture and what it took for employees to be successful working here.  They embodied what we’re all about, and that was clear with some of their really unique efforts that they made...tapping into social networks and recruiting like it was 2017. Talent Retriever made the recruitment process efficient and took it to a level where we were able to reach our goals with consistent ease.” - Director of Talent Acquisition at SinglePlatform. 

wayfair case study aug

“Before we signed on with Talent Retriever our pipelines were not where we wanted them to be, they were  actually very weak. This group was able to  create a process where the pipeline was so rich that we had to actually turn people away. They used channels that we had never capitalized on, tapping  into social media and creating career fairs, which were previously unsuccessful for Wayfair. We were able to hit all of our goals over a 6 month period working with Talent Retriever. Our internal recruiting team was able to learn a great deal from them. Integration was also seamless and they were able to learn the ropes of Wayfair quickly. They were put on our email system as if they were working for Wayfair, other managers thought they were just part of the Wayfair recruiting team. They were able to create a hype and buzz that was not existent before. Our relationship was nothing short of  extremely successful.” -Sr.Director of B2B Sales at Wayfair.


Logmein case study june 2018

“LogMeIn used Talent Retriever almost exclusively to manage our recruiting process at a period when we were increasing our staff by 20% per year- adding 40-50 new employees annually. Their recruiting efforts ranged from our Boston headquarters office, to our sales offices in London and Dublin and as far away as Sydney, Australia. They managed the entire recruiting process once the headcount requisition was approved — from job description development, management of our careers web page, to handling inbound  inquires and employee referrals. They also did a significant amount of direct targeting and sourcing to bring highly desirable candidates into the process. They made out bound calls, conducted initial screenings, ran the candidate management process, scheduled interviews and helped our hiring managers through the offer process. Talent Retriever was invaluable to us in that period and critical for us to continue effective hiring.” -  Chief Financial Officer at LogMeIn