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Kayla Glover

Kayla stumbled into the recruiting world by chance, having accepted an in-house offer from a global firm after visiting their facility to utilize their services for job placement. From there, she cultivated her experience into a career, focusing on helping stellar employers achieve their objectives by expertly facilitating the talent acquisition and candidate management process in a variety of industries.

Kayla feels her greatest strengths lie in her capability to skillfully match optimal talent with equally optimal employers, making for a long-term partnership which ultimately allows her to contribute toward the success of her client’s companies. This is where, she believes, the true measure of success lies within the recruitment industry.

In her spare time (read: when she’s not being a recruiting rock star) Kayla runs a small photography business and also loves to channel her creativity into making just about anything that lands in her Pinterest feed. She’s also a Wife, a Mom, and a pretty good cook.

Dream Job: CEO of my own Design Company

Motto: Create the things you wish existed