Your People.

Welcome to a 5-step process we call Talent Engineering. It's a process that's flexible, collaborative and 100% focused on your recruiting needs. Systematically thorough from the day we start to the day your new team members walk through the door, our process ensures you'll find top tier talent with every hire.

Step 1 - We Immerse Ourselves in Your Business.

Talent Engineering begins with a deep dive into your business, to understand your goals, vision, values and company culture. With that understanding in place, we can better identify people who will fit your culture. As we get to know your company, you'll get to know us - close collaboration and ongoing communication are key elements in our process. By the end of Phase 1, expectations are set and a clear path forward established.

Step 2 - We Get Creative.

Since every company is unique, our approach is highly fluid and malleable - we adapt to the way you work, and strive to offer highly creative solutions to your individual hiring needs. Anyone can flood your inbox with resumes, but good recruiters take the time to think about how to leverage tools like social media in unique, unexpected ways. The goal is to break through and motivate candidates to actively seek out your company and the job opportunities you offer. Our toolbox is deep - whether we need to create eye-popping branded graphics, organize a training session or webinar, we have the skill set and resources to get it done.

Step 3 - Make the Magic Happen.

Successful recruiting is about finding the hidden gems - "passive" candidates who may not be looking for a job per se, but with the right incentives can be induced to start a conversation and perhaps make a move. 72% of all our hires are targeted passive candidates. We execute a full screening process to eliminate the unqualified and unengaged. The candidates we recommend are exclusive to you – we don't shop them around to the highest bidder. We identify them as a fit for your organization, and that's where we hope they end up.

Step 4 - Be an Unbiased Advocate.

We work with your team to refine profiles, and make sure you're interviewing the right people for the job - and your company. We offer coaching on interview styles/techniques and conduct market research to provide you with salary benchmarking, benefit structuring, and other compensation plan analyses. In addition, we offer evaluations of job descriptions and other written material for each role. Our goal is to develop a process that will last well after our partnership ends.

Step 5 - See it Through.

We don't stop until your positions are filled and you're 100% satisfied. That is our promise to every client. We can extend offers, and keep working with candidates until deals are done. Your people are the most important part of your business and our people will do everything in their power to be sure you have the right team in place to meet your goals and vision.

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LogMeIn used Talent Retriever almost exclusively to manage our recruiting process at a period when we were increasing our staff by 20% per year- adding 40-50 new employees annually. They were invaluable to us in that period and critical for us to continue effective hiring.

— Chief Financial Officer of LogMeIn