Nothing remains the same and everything can always be improved. That’s why we developed our Agile Recruitment Methodology. Continuous testing, review and improvement in talent acquisition strategy and execution is our game.

Client Satisfaction
  • Talent Retriever Mindshare – Unbiased Advocate ensuring our clients’ needs are met or better yet – exceeded!
  • Sustainable, constant pace – We don’t give up!
Adaptability to Rapid Fire Change
  • Understand and Appreciate Need to Harness Change
  • Rapid and Flexible
  • Competitive Advantage
Technical Excellence
  • Experts in Recruitment – Solid and Experienced Team
  • Cross functional Expertise and Networks
  • Consultative Approach
Project Delivery
  • Quality Candidates
  • Feedback Loop for Continuous Iterations and  Improvements
    • Narrowing search
    • “Test” candidates
    • Benchmarking
  • Check Ins / Self Assessments
  • Between Talent Retriever and Our Clients
    • Full buy-in and commitment from our clients is required.
  • Among Talent Retriever Team
    • Non-hierarchical
    • Motivating drivers in place
  • Constant
  • Honest
  • Frequent Check-in points
  • On-Premise
  • Focus on Delivery and Quality
  • Not focused on overloading our clients with stuff they don’t need – No BS!
  • Continual review and adjustments for increased effectiveness