A Team Committed to a New Model of Recruiting.

Recruiting has long suffered from a problem: lack of flexibility. Over a decade ago we saw an opportunity to develop a new way for organizations to grow and make quality hires quickly. Since then we have refined a recruitment model that is highly effective, cost efficient, and best of all – flexible. We are the premiere recruiting solution for companies in high growth mode and have helped the fastest growing companies in the nation hit their hiring goals on time and on budget since 2004. We deliver candidates who not only fit the job description, but the culture and character of each organization with which we work with.

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Talent Retriever provided a comforting feeling of ease. When we partnered with them, it was no longer my burden to find candidates, it was their responsibility and I trusted them to get results. I knew that each candidate presented was someone who brought value and had real potential to work for us. Talent Retriever’s creative outreach made candidates excited about the job, and that is not something you always directly hear. I could not be happier with the hires that resulted from this partnership.”

— Rick Sedler, CEO RMS Media

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Give Us Your Toughest Recruiting Challenges.

We work with you to find solutions. Whether you're an early stage startup with limited hiring resources or you are growing rapidly, we'll bring creativity, high-level recruiting expertise and a flexible approach to help identify, engage and on-board the very best talent.

We start by immersing ourselves in your organization to better understand your culture and long-term goals. Then we develop a strategy to seek out and attract qualified people who will fit within your organization - and help you succeed.

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A Trusted Recruiting Partner

SINCE 2004.
Since our inception, we've worked with exceptional companies who seek innovative methods for locating, acquiring and retaining the best people for their organizations. Whether yours is an early stage or public company, you can rely on our seasoned team to deliver a custom recruiting solution to help you meet your hiring needs rapidly and cost-effectively.

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